Saturday, February 12, 2011

the fear of learning anything of worth...

There is no such thing as an expert Witch.

(true there is alot to learn but the fact is there are experts in these field and in self being, why one would say such things as there aren't are trying to get into it for free or just don't like limits to their education, you pull this at any university or place of modern education, they would laugh you out of the building...)

There is no mastery of the Craft.

(of course there is mastery, its just beyond those who can't and won't build structure to it, as they are all about self creation, recreation, instead of following the messages before and i don't mean the ones in everyone's books, but on walls and structures that make their system great..and you want to follow... this or that..)

The more you learn, the more you see that one mortal Witch can know nothing compared to all there is in this many layered and multi levelled universe.

(again wrong, some learn it all and see nothing, the ones who come in with honestly and self empowering views are the ones you will find, other will feel they need to gravitate and these ones chosen haven't adopted the need to advertise how and what they do..)

There is no need to achieve perfection. In fact if there be any sin in Witchcraft it would be just that. For it is impossible.

(who is teaching you, the ones who fight the obvious do it to grab a sense of not needing to raise themselves up, if you are with nature, truly with nature then it will raise you up, not just a book or ideal, however this might be your starting ground to get into this.. or that..)

One should always be learning, experimenting, adjusting and making the appropriate corrections.

(interesting that you say this as how can you learn, experiment, adjust or make corrections, when you deny the product or method to back it or bake it, and what are you stating to say your the expert now, that your view is the view, to not have a view...) i find other trap themselves with this because they have no models to reach out from, so they just have to await until they do.. (and as an expert: be honest with what you do and are) we experts will know otherwise and it won't be by what you say or do.. but the energy and nature that backs you... how is that for testing..skill...

We should always be striving to do better, reach higher and go further. However: You never stop.

(funny, push and pull but get no place) do you even know how to say anything constructive?

There will never be a time where you say; “I can learn no more, I can do no better. I have achieved all there is to achieve. I have reached the highest height.”

(yes there will be) when you see what you said here before i answered.... and find it false... and fear of not having, not knowing, being humble and study is one thing, but you still have to want to study.. what? from someone/something else.. otherwise your studying from yourself.. and you just claimed yourself the expert of your experiences, in a universe of other actions...

There is no such thing as an expert Witch. (but there seems to be alot of ones who try)

There is no mastery of the Craft. (agreed, because you have to want to study and stop trying to find things on your own without insight)

One should never claim to be such, never assume that another is such. Nor should one ever accuse another of being such in any manner, but certainly not as an act of spite or nastiness.

(the thing is what if you never claimed it , but you show it better then any other and they are agreeing... it is better, and more rewarding) your what then..lucky?

In fact such words as expert, guru, master and so forth should not be in our vocabulary at all.

(our) how can you have an are/our if you have no model to come from... are you wicca, shaman, witch, witch like, occult,? one has to visit a place to know they are at home there....

We must let go of these ridiculous fantasies we build, these sand castles, these houses of cards.
(children build so they can understand, and adults knock it down, are you more about hurting others to feel good about the fact you have no purpose, or more about teaching the art as it accepts you from the depth of the education you sought to understand as a child...)

Perfection, the right way, mastery, true Witchcraft, real Witch, proper form.

It’s all bullshit.

(anything is easy to call wrong when you don't fully embrace its messages to try it, perhaps if you stop getting yourself kicked out you may stay a while to be worthy of the time you spend?)

I think not wishing to see what see's you is the real.. bull....

It is what we used to blind ourselves and to hurt others. To play dominance games and to stroke our egos. Empty posturing.

(only when it is without purpose to help another get the same awareness)

We can only share, only teach, what we ourselves have learned and also what we have failed at. And we should do this.

(self taught over teaching and connections?) in 17 years teaching might look much better....

We should help each other and not hoard knowledge, wisdom and experience like jealous dragons.

(silent wisdom never hides, but it doesn't openly offer to one not ready to see it, thats why the saying 1000 step and then you can turn back and see where you traveled to...and how you got there..)

We are the ancestors of the future, the more we know the more they will know.

(now who's teaching, and assuming...?)

The more we fail and learn from these failures, the more we share them with others, the better off we will be.

(failing to fail isn't the same as learning to be worthy to be taught how to teach..)

So please, please. Fuck up. Fall down. Knock things over. Forget the words. Laugh at yourself. Make mistakes.

(its funny i hear this from outsiders, and not those within anything beyond mere wicca, or satanic/chaotic ideals) i wonder why?

And also hold out your hand. Help up those who have fallen, right what was knocked down. Do not laugh, but only smile and say “It’s okay, keep trying. Oh, and let me tell you about the time I nearly set my house on fire …”

this written by a hedge witch, and "hedge" is a form of experienced person... know the term hedge wasn't about until after the term grove and gathering was created... and that was only a few years ago...)

so..good luck with that....

(notice: you said Horde Knowledge)
when you said earlier there is no educated ways..worthy of being taught?

here is the knowledge you seek....

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