Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The starting gate of Awareness

Neo (is the word mind) not beginner. Phyte (physical) as in the physical mind, not little or finite as others would have you believe. So the word means Mind of the Physical. A neophyte is one who by way of rituals earns the right to study orally, or from manuals. They are a beginner in the sense they enter, but are not just entering but making a pledge to belong. A neophyte is a student of the arts as long as they are accepted, however they can study any subject as long as it isn't of mage standing. Religionistic, gnostic, theosophy, theology. As long as it isn't openly expressed in the symbolism of the ceremonial arts.

Adept hood
Adept is one who by rank is 2nd to the next level up. It is like a ladder up in awareness and nature. Most modern terms of adept mean special or greater aware, this isn't so. It just means more prepared to move up, each level of awareness in magehood has an adept or junior stage. It is there to test the awareness and spirit of the one in the arts, up to the magus, where there is no adept-hood but rather apprenticing designs called acolytes or advocates. Not to be confused with the necron design, (necessarily).
The adept studies symbolism and key language to learn by dreams and meditation, if required, the way of the light or candles. Symbolism is taught to the adept in key books, passed as each level is reachable. Most occult teachers fill their students full of occult symbolism only to find that they learn nothing. It is the ones who can see the missing pieces that get to move up, not the ones who know symbol for symbol. The trial of the adept is to achieve magehood which can take 5-8 years if properly trained. A neophyte can be a neophyte forever.

7 steps you climb in time until you solve this rhyme. Magehood is the middle class of magic study. You learn info about the abc's of the world's occult wording, and then learn why it isn't fully like that. The 7 steps teach us the humility of becoming a mage. And not just a mage but a wise soul. The 9 are the lessons we face at the door, these are the trials. The occult world is fractured into two domains, theology and theosophy. Each without a soul. In the theology we have the religious and the symbolic. In theosophy we have the "Thought of and the desired." Both are incorrect. It is a unity of them all that makes it complete. But only after it has been repaired. Religion, as far as the summoning of the forms and forces. Symbolic as far as the ancient keys that define the way to call. Thought of is dreamed of, and it shows us how to apply it. And the desired is by what desires us after the workings are finished.
The magi is the one who watches the religious symbolism and learns its missing messages. The mage is the one who is the thinker but awaits for the symbolism to show him/her where to think. The magus is in charge of the rest. Each play their part in the journey, and grow over top the other.
The process to becoming a mage is to study the elements. The works of fire and ice, and the symbolism of basic alchemy. Then the basic gods and goddess models of the occult as setup by the planets and the sun and moon.
The symbolism used in the 4 elemental natures and connected to the model of the occult watchtowers, the key is in the tarot, and the art is within the runes. The art of witchcraft is than taught in the 5 styles of its founding, but only 3 are correct and long lived. The rest is the seat of the gods and secrets of the beginning of the dragons. The wisdom of the druid, but only in the staff and talismans. And the mysteries of the golden arts. The rest is at the teachers choice.
In the occult there is master, mystress, and pupil. Normally I would be known as master, but I think this is more a self serving word and not one who is wise. However others will say and do things, things. These things. Your placemat is a secret power source to the will of the scope of the art, and the namings within the arts give rise to the wisdom you will learn. For each name there is a key and education, and your goal as the user is to become like them in spirit, and have them serve your magic. And they might even show-up.

Occult, Gnostic, Agnostic, and Satanic Theology
Occult is to see behind the veil of the shade, this is the body and to look in the mind of the others about and know their heart. Gnostic isn't what they pen it as. It is really a way of saying they feel as connection to something greater but fear to call out its name. But don't actually follow any form of religious belief.
Agnostic is the idea not that you don't believe, its that you don't want to believe, because it makes you feel out of self control, and able to be held accountable for your deeds and actions, and in doing so, have to await to feel like you have the right to be forgiven.
Satanic, there are two types. Asatanic and satanic. Its just a word, however, satanic ideals aren't that they don't have faith, its that they don't have loyalties. Even among their own, owing to the nature of the scorpion and the turtle mythos. Asatanic (draw from the darker natures of the human/animal condition to feed the energy of their passion to live, and do what it takes to live as if they rule themselves. Using demonic symbolism as the way to create this source energy. Which works, but in the end, dedication has its own rewards.
But as a mage you acquire the symbolism of these designs and see the seed they try to plant. And unlike them make it work. They don't have the 5 A's. Even though the 5 A's have given them the gates, they just don't see it.

The word well done doesn't come from the meaning its done as in good, and well as in fine, it really means. Empty well, as in done, so fill it back up again. Wise sayings are always expressions of ending, awaiting a new beginning, not a new beginning.


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